Professional Knob and
Handle/Pull Installation Tools
EZ-1000 Door Jig (Drill Guide)

The secret to any great installation is the proper tools.  The EZ-1000
is one of the favorite tools of custom cabinet installers.  This tool is
simple to use and will make sure that your knobs and pulls are
straight and true on any cabinet door. Now one person can pre-drill
and install handles and pulls without repeat measurements or
required marking, squaring, aligning or checking.  This tool adjusts
horizontally and vertically as well as reversible so it can be used on
left and right as well as upper and lower cabinet doors.  Simple
adjustments make it versatile enough to use on a variety of pull
sizes (3", 96mm, and 128mm) and the quick locking adjustments make repeat drillings a snap.  If you want to install knobs and pulls like a pro, use the tool the pros use, an EZ JIG.

We design, engineer, and manufacture all EZ Jig Products in America