Meet Lew Rex, Founder and Chairman
Pro-Trades Manufacturing, LLC
Inventor of EZ Jig.

(Lew passed away in July 2009, he will be missed)
Lew is a world class trim carpenter with over 40 years in the business.  He is always willing to
share his knowledge and "tricks of the trade" with others.  Lew had designed and developed
his own jig to install cabinet handles quickly and perfectly every time.  His friends kept asking
him to make one of the jigs for them to use.  It was made of wood with homemade bushings
and worked great, but was labor intensive to make and did not look very good.

Finally in 1995, some friends told Lew, "look, the installation guys need a tool like this.  Let's
design and build one we can produce and sell to the whole country."

He knew there was a need and Lew went to work to solve the problem.  After many prototypes
in wood, steel, aluminum, different types of plastic, etc., EZ Jig was born.  Made of rugged
composite plastic from a steel tool injection mold, America's installers finally have a tool they
can really use.

Lew's philosophy is simple.  EZ Jig had to be easy to set-up.  He wanted a tool that was
versatile enough to drill  3.0", 3.5", and 4.0" handles all in one unit.  It had to be durable and
light weight.  He wanted a tool that could be used by one person.   He wanted it reversible so it
could be used on left and right doors, as well as upper and lower cabinet doors.  He wanted it
to be affordable.  After almost two years of developing and testing, the EZ-1000 EZ Jig is the

In 1996 Lew filed for his first United States Patent.  On April 28, 1998 Patent Number 5,743,684
was issued to Lewis L. Rex for the first EZ Jig.  The rest is history.  Thousands of EZ Jigs have
been sold in 44 states and Australia and the tool is still going strong.  

It is a tool tradesmen and homeowners alike are happy and proud to use.

Lew is currently working on two more EZ Jig products for cabinet drawers and metric handles
to satisfy the needs of people who want a quality tool that is easy to use and produces perfect
results every time.

Lew's motto:  "Guys need a tool like this everywhere cabinets are installed.  Once they see it,
they want it and won't use anything else."

Join Lew in letting all your friends and family in on the EZ Jig secret to success of perfect
handle installations every time.
Legacy Design and Tool, LLC
"Makers of EZ Jig"